Facebook Stories has reached 500 million Daily Users!

Facebook stories daily users have jumped from 300m (September 2018) to a massive 500m! How does this effect your business moving forward? Is it time to build a Facebook stories strategy?

Facebook initially launched stories in 2017 in an attempt to imitate the success of Snapchat and instagram trends in which vertical photfos and videos will disappear after 24 hours.

This was initially shunned by businesses and individuals alike, and users tended to focus on the shift in ‘trend’ from Snapchat to Instagram. Although Facebook’s determination to make stories a success has seemed to pay off.

To put things into perspective, the stories functionality on Facebook now has the same daily active users as Instagram and WhatsApp stories! Snapchat who were the first movers now only have 190 million daily users!

As a business, i’m sure you can be forgiven for seeing the small circular box at the top as a waste of space. It’s now much more than that. Businesses can now jump to the top of their audiences news feed and share more intimate pictures and videos which resonate with their target audience.

What’s more, due to the Facebook algorithm change, as a business you can only expect to reach 2%-3% of your business page followers through the use of organic posts. With Facebook Stories the % of people you can reach to see your products or services will increase without running any ads!

It’s only a matter of time before the news feed may very well be turned into a ‘Stories feed’. We are already seeing glimpses of this change with a ‘Stories bar’ being shown after every few status updates when you scroll down the page.

Get creative with organic stories and test some budget with the Facebook ads stories feature. This could be a real winner for generating brand awareness and revenue!

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