Facebook Messenger: Exciting new tools released

Facebook have released a new suite of tools to its 40 million active businesses on messenger which includes automated lead generation and appointment booking. Here’s what advertisers can expect from these two key features:

Automated lead generation:

Businesses can now qualify leads in Facebook messenger as part of click to messenger ads. These ads seek to trigger conversations between customers and advertisers. After a user clicks on a messenger ad, advertisers are able to ask them a series automated questions. The questions can be answered by the customer either with a pre populated answer or by free form responses. Welcome messages, questions, a thank you message, a disqualifying message, a completion reminder message and an advertisers privacy policy are all features that are included during the setup of a messenger ad.

Advertisers can also link any leads collected within the conversation with their CRM , meaning sales teams can take immediate action on qualified leads.

Facebook Messenger lead generation example

Businesses engaging with potential leads in their preferred channel are seeing results. A case study by Facebook recently found it easier for businesss to continue the conversation and seamlessly nuture leads in messenger:

RIFT Tax, a UK-based financial services company, used lead generation in Messenger to increase its customer base of Armed Forces members—increasing qualified leads by 42%. By following up with leads in Messenger, RIFT Tax was able to respond in less than 10 minutes and achieved an 18% higher lead resolve rate versus phone.

Appointment booking in messenger:

Advertisers will soon be able to sync their existing calendar booking software with the new Facebook messenger feature enabling prospects to book an appointment in real time through messenger. This will help advertisers to turn messenger conversations into in-store traffic, a well as online and phone appointments.

Facebook Messenger Appointment Setting example

The feature is currently in beta mode with select developers and businesses and is expected to be rolled out later this year.


We think these are two fantastic features that are only going to benefit advertisers and customers alike. Selling products or services on a messenger platform is somewhat new to the western world, but in China with WeChat, this is a standard way to conduct business. It was only a matter of time before Facebook took this trend to add to its already powerful setup of advertising objectives in ads manager.

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